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Selection Criteria Details

Dear Candidates,

As mentioned in your Selection Order, you are required to complete a challenge to demonstrate your sales skills before officially joining Higriva R&S as a Sales Specialist. Below are the rules and guidelines for this challenge:

Challenge Overview:
The challenge consists of three main steps, each designed to evaluate your ability to generate leads, confirm those leads, and ultimately convert them into paying clients. Here are the details of each step:

1. Generate Leads:
Your first task is to identify and generate leads. This involves finding potential clients who are interested in enrolling in our training and placement program. You can utilize various methods to generate leads, including:

- Cold outreach through email or phone.
- Social media engagement.
- Networking and referrals.
- Any other creative approach you think is effective.

2. Confirm the Leads:
Once you have identified potential clients, your next step is to confirm their interest and willingness to enroll in our program. You should engage with them, provide information about the program, and answer any questions they might have. Your goal is to confirm their intent to join.

3. Convert the Leads into Paying Clients:
The final and most crucial step is to convert the confirmed leads into paying clients. This involves guiding them through the enrollment process, ensuring they make the necessary payment, and providing any assistance they might need. Your ability to close these deals will be a key factor in your evaluation.

Resources and Information:
To assist you in this challenge, we have provided you with the following resources and website links:

  • This is the main company's website.

  • This is our Program Training and Placement.

  • They can apply to the program by submitting the form at the last of the page.

  • There are different courses we provide which can be seen on the same page.

  • Confirm with the client what course they wanna choose and then if you want you can tell them to attend the quiz for more evaluation or no need to tell them to write the quiz it's up to you.

  • Here is the Plans and Pricing Link:

  • You can give the Client a discount of up to 20%. But remember the discount percentage you have finalized for the client might affect the CTC. So make as less offers as you can.

  • The Clients can pay through UPI Bank Transfer or Paypal.

  • After finalizing the price that the client wants to pay inform me I will generate the Invoice to the client's email as well as to you. Then using the details in the invoice the client can pay the amount.

  • The Quizzes Links are as follows:

  • Fullstack development:

  • Data Science:

  • Graphic Designing:

  • Management:

  • Marketing:

We understand that this challenge may be unconventional, but it is designed to evaluate your real-world sales skills, which are crucial for your role as a Sales Specialist. If you have any questions, require further guidance, or need additional resources, please don't hesitate to reach out to our HR department at

Your success in this challenge will be a strong indicator of your suitability for the Sales Specialist position, and we look forward to seeing your results.

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